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Why Cinnamon Girl?

I am passionate about helping people, gardening, animals, and painting. Plants are a big part of my life whether I put them in a vase, eat them, put them on my skin, burn them, infuse them, bury them or paint them in a painting. I am a person that people come to for advice on gardening, medicinal plants, natural remedies, spells and emotional support too. I truly believe in celebrating the magical world found in nature. Little things can make a big difference in our lives. Please feel free to call, email, message me or come in the store to get to know me and what Cinnamon Girl has to offer. What I do as an herbalist is consult, educate, support customers and clients to find raw plant materials and essential oils to help alleviate common ailments without any chemicals or toxins. What I do not do is diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases, that is for a physician. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

“ Very happy with everything I purchased from Cinnamon Girl. So glad to see a store like this in North Adams...The frankincense completely cured my acne!!!!!!

Marissa Zelazo

About Us

Nina Kilroe

Herbalist, RMT, M.S. Ed., B.F.A.

Nina Kilroe grew up in a family that passed herbalism on to all the women. We did not take a pill to fix everything, there was always a tea for what ailed you, whether you had stomach upset or needed nerve calming.  Western medicine was not ignored but there was no need to go to the store if you knew what was in your garden. We gardened, cooked , made salves, vinegars, appreciated what the earth had to offer. Plants are not only beautiful but extremely helpful. 


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